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Annual waste report

Our experts will take care of your reporting obligations involving waste records

Annual report on waste production and management

Annual reporting is an obligation of, among others, waste producers required to maintain waste records. Reports are filed for the calendar year in the online system of BDO (Database on Products, Packaging, and Waste Management) by 15 March for the preceding year.

When do you need it?

It should be expected that along with modification of the method of maintaining records (from paper to online), there will be stepped-up inspections.

The province environmental protection inspectorates and the province marshal’s offices inspect in particular entities registered in the BDO system which do not have documented waste records or fail to file annual reports.

Do I need it?

The following are required to prepare an annual report:
  • Producers required to maintain a record of wastes.
  • Persons conducting activity involving waste management, except for collectors of communal waste, with respect to:
    • Collection of waste.
    • Processing of waste.
  • Entities conducting activity involving extraction of waste from landfills or spoil tips.

Enterprises can face a range of fines for failure to comply with waste reporting obligations. One of the highest, up to PLN 1,000,000, can be imposed on entities conducting commercial activity without a required entry in the waste database.

Miłosz Saramak
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Our Offer

  • We analyse the situation of your firm in terms of the need to file annual reports on production of waste in the online BDO system.
  • We collect data needed for entry in the register.
  • We maintain waste records and prepare annual reports.
  • We prepare powers of attorney for registration of firms in BDO.



Exemption under the regulation.

Under the relevant regulation of the Minister of Environment of 12 December 2014, entities producing waste in quantities not exceeding those stated in the regulation are not required to maintain waste records in any respect. For businesses not needing to maintain waste records, there is also no obligation to file an annual report on waste production or register in the BDO system.

Exemptions under the Waste Act.

Under Art . 69(4) of the Waste Act, if one of the entities (producer or recipient) has no obligation to prepare a waste transfer note, a note does not have to be prepared. However, this does not automatically release the producer from the obligation to maintain a waste register and prepare an annual report.

There is another exemption under Art. 71 of the Waste Act for businesses producing hazardous waste in quantities of up to 100 kg annually or non-hazardous waste in quantities of up to 5 tonnes annually. In that case, enterprises can maintain a simplified record, in the form of a waste transfer note, without a waste register. However, this does not release these entities from entry in BDO and filing of an annual report.

There is an exception for the situation in which both conditions are met at the same time (exemption under the regulation and exemption under the act). In that scenario, the enterprise is also released from maintaining full records, preparing an annual report, and registering in BDO.

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