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HR Consulting

Support in human resource management


To keep up with changing trends and account for the individual needs of each business – KR Group is introducing HR Consulting.

HR Consulting provides comprehensive support for companies in the field of human resource management. It covers numerous aspects of HR, with support always tailored to the distinct needs of each client.

Why KR Group

Our support in HR Consulting is provided by HR experts and practitioners with over a dozen years of experience in helping organizations and management boards. Our guidance and support help companies achieve business and strategic goals, while building stable organizational cultures based on facts/data, transparency, and steady development.

HR Scan – an in-depth diagnosis of your organization's needs

A comprehensive screening of management and HR needs resulting in a diagnosis which identifies specific solutions and opportunities for development.

HR Consulting – when is it needed?

HR Consulting is particularly important for companies without an internal HR department, for organizations undergoing or after restructuring, or for entities that need support in solving specific HR problems.

KR Group diagnoses the problems within your organization and provides solutions which improve management of human resource processes.

Our areas of expertise

  • Employee evaluations
  • HR processes
  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Trainings

    Training topics:

    • Recruitment for the HR team
    • Recruitment for managers
    • Internal communication for the HR team
    • Internal communication for managers
    • Team management
    • Mental health, work-life-balance, remote work
    • Conflicts - how to prevent and resolve them
    • Proper definition and implementation of changes in the team (dedicated for managers)
  • Development of team members
  • Stagnation and Offboarding
  • Team management
  • HR area management
  • HR cooperation with other departments in the company
  • Internal communication


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