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VAT refund

Obtain a VAT refund and gain additional savings

VAT refund

Firms can obtain a refund of VAT on goods and services acquired in Poland, imported items, and expenditures on domestic and foreign travel. This means there are many opportunities to maximize recovery of VAT, and the savings can add up to nearly 30% of expenditures.

When applying for a VAT refund, it is worth checking whether the business is subject to a duty to register in the given country. Failure to register for VAT and make settlements of output VAT may lead to a negative decision when seeking a VAT refund, or even entail penalties or higher interest on tax arrears. And this situation could lead to arrears not only in VAT, but also in income tax.

Additionally, by eliminating invoices not providing the taxpayer the right to deduct VAT, you can shorten the tax proceedings, also reducing the waiting time for a refund.

When do you need it?

KR Group conducts a comprehensive analysis of transactions in terms of the obligation to register for VAT in a given country, indicating the possibilities for seeking a refund of an overpayment of VAT, and providing assistance in obtaining a VAT refund. We communicate precisely which invoices should be excluded to minimize the waiting time for the VAT refund.

Appointing an experienced tax adviser as your representative in tax proceedings assures that the contact with the tax office will be conducted professionally. This increases effectiveness and the likelihood of obtaining a refund. The materials and correspondence in the proceeding are conducted in the language of the country where the client is seeking a refund. Without professional support, taxpayers may inadvertently forfeit the possibility of recovering substantial amounts.

Thanks to longstanding cooperation with our foreign partners, we support our clients in recovering VAT not only in countries where we have offices (Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia), but also in other EU member states.

Do I need it?

If you are an entity that pays VAT on goods or services acquired in other countries, you may wonder how you can efficiently recover the VAT. You are probably aware that in the country where you have your registered office, you can file an application based on the EU directives. In theory, it all seems very simple. But experience shows that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The key is to be properly prepared.
KR Group provides support in obtaining VAT refunds on the basis of:
  • Council Directive 2008/9/EC (former 8th Directive).
  • Council Directive 86/560/EEC (13th Directive).
Based on Directive 2008/9/EC, the refund procedure is available to a taxpayer from an EU member state which, in the member state of refund, during the refund period:
  • Has not had the seat of its economic activity, or a fixed establishment from which business transactions were effected, or, if no such seat or fixed establishment existed, its domicile or normal place of residence.
  • Has not supplied any goods or services deemed to have been supplied in the member state of refund (with several exceptions).
Authorised entities from outside the EU can also seek a VAT refund under the rule of reciprocity. But this rule does not apply to entities which have filed a notice of the intention to take advantage of special procedures.
Speed matters.
Failure to respond on time to a summons from the tax office may result in denial of a refund.
In obtaining VAT refunds, our operations are not limited to the CEE region.

Our partners will help you recover VAT also in other European countries.

Our Offer

By relying on the VAT refund services of KR Group, you will:

  • Effectively recover VAT.
  • Avoid problems of miscommunication that could lead to denial of a refund.
  • Eliminate the risk of penalties.
  • Minimize interest on tax arrears.
Regular, ongoing support in tax compliance, including:
  • Support in tax compliance.
    • Review of VAT documentation supplied by the client.
    • Conducting necessary corrections based on data from the client.
    • Preparing the relevant VAT registers in compliance with local VAT regulations.
    • Preparing and filing monthly VAT returns and reports.
  • Presenting the final tax report along with scanned versions of all transmitted documents in electronic form.
  • Preparation or verification of VAT Standard Audit Files (JPK_V7).
  • Support in obtaining VAT refunds.
  • Preparation for inspections and representation in the event of a tax audit.
We also support our clients in the process of registration for:
  • VAT
  • Intrastat
  • EORI
  • OSS
  • IOSS


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