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Fast growing accounting & tax advisory group with a regional reach

Start your expansion in the CEE with us

International reach – offices in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Romania

We ensure clarity in a rapidly changing business environment

Strong economic growth in the countries of Central & Eastern Europe and growing internal demand are attracting investors to the region. We understanding the challenges facing foreign investors on the road to expansion. We offer a package of services facilitating the process of expansion on a regional scale.


Do you need reliable and tested accounting for your firm? Are you wondering about the cost? Complete the form, identify the range of services you are interested in, and we will provide an estimate for accounting services tailored to your current needs.

We provide full support for proper settlement of VAT in the CEE region. We can help you reduce costs and make all the issues surrounding VAT less troublesome. By combining IT tools with an experienced team of local VAT experts, we can ensure top quality and efficiency and eliminate errors.

Appointment a Fiscal Representation may be mandatory if you export goods and services to countries in the CEE region and your company does not have an establishment in any EU member state. We have many years of experience providing this service, representing taxpayers before the tax authorities and ensuring that VAT settlements fully comply with national regulations.

We offer a comprehensive payroll or HR/payroll function for your company, at both local and international levels. We assume responsibility for such areas as calculating the payroll, preparing tax and social insurance declarations, and HR support. Identify the main parameters in our questionnaire and we will return to you shortly with a preliminary offer.

Does your company operate within a group of affiliated entities? We know the tax risks and obligations that such an organizational structure can generate. We will do everything needed to ensure compliance, from planning of transfer prices across numerous countries to analysis of risks and resolution of tax disputes. Find out how we can help you.

SAF-T compliance presents an additional burden for firms, demanding great responsibility for accuracy. We provide SAF-T support with various options – check to see which is most advantageous for your company.



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