VAT Compliance

The mandatory KSeF has been postponed
Has the date of entry into force of the obligatory National System of e-Invoices (KSeF) been postponed to the beginning of 2024? This is the result of the draft decision of the Council of the…
Re-invoicing services
One of them is a very common transaction, which consists in shifting the costs incurred by the entrepreneur onto another entity. In order to perform this correctly, you need to answer a few questions that…
Poland will implement mandatory electronic invoicing in the so-called National System of e-Invoices (KSeF)
On March 30th the consent for obligatory e-invoicing in Poland was issued by the European Commission.
How to determine whether the value of a shipment is eligible for settlement under the IOSS procedure
Last July, regulations of mail order trade, for both the intra-Community and the import of goods to natural persons, or so-called e-commerce, have been changed.
Temporary VAT reduction from February 1
From February 1, the Polish government announced a reduction in VAT rates for certain food products, fertilizers, fuels, natural gas, LPG and energy. Rate reductions are to be introduced under the so-called “Anti-inflationary Shield 2.0.”…
"Polish Deal": summary of the most important changes in taxes
On Tuesday, November 18, 2021, the president signed the law on tax changes, which is provided for in the so-called "Polish Deal ". Therefore, we are sure that from January 1, 2022 we will all…
Tax revolution in the e-commerce industry
All EU member states, including Poland, are currently facing the serious challenge of implementing the new VAT rules for the e-commerce industry. The core purpose of the changes is to tackle large-scale online VAT evasion…
Changes in VAT: Taxation of financial services, Promotion of non-cash payments in Poland and Changes to binding rate information
In July, the Polish government presented a bill to introduce broad changes to tax and insurance laws, known as the “Polish Deal.” In addition to changes in income taxes, the bill also provides for significant…
Taxpayers have until 15 October 2021 to provide notice of a change in tax office
The deadline for taxpayers to notify the head of their current tax office that they meet the conditions requiring them to move to a specialized tax office is fast approaching.
New VAT regulations on the National e-Invoicing System
On 1 October 2021 The Parliament has passed a law amending the Goods and Services Tax Act and certain other laws (print no. 1547) concerning the introduction of the National e-Invoice System.
Changes in VAT in so-called VAT groups
In July, the Polish government presented a bill to introduce broad changes to tax and insurance laws, known as the “Polish Deal.” In addition to changes in income taxes, the bill also provides for significant…
New SAF-T (JPK_VAT) is coming
As we have already reported, VAT taxpayers will be required to submit a new version of the JPK_VAT file consisting of record and declaration parts. This file will replace the current VAT-7 and VAT-7K declarations…
SLIM VAT 2: Simplified VAT settlements enter into force in October
From the start of 2021, taxpayers in Poland were presented with the first act of the Slim VAT project (short for “Simple Local and Modern VAT”), aimed at simplifying VAT settlements.
Main points of the "Polish Deal" TAX programme
I. Changes in income tax for individuals not conducting business activity: Raising to PLN 30,000 the annual amount of income tax-free from personal income tax for taxpayers paying PIT according to the tax scale (e.g. persons…
From 1 July 2020 changes - Whitelist, Quick fixes, Schedule of VAT rates, Postponement of deadline for implementing JPK
Whitelist The deadline for taxpayers to submit a notice of payment to an account other than one indicated in the whitelist (ZAW-NR) will be extended from three to seven days. However, during the period of…
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