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Obligation to possess PUE ZUS

Starting from January 1st 2023, anyone who is a contribution payer will be required by law to have a profile on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform (PUE).
Marta Michalik
Payroll Project Manager

PUE, or the Electronic Services Platform, made available by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) is a website enabling the settlement of various affairs falling into
the scope of social or health insurance, or the payment of contributions.

So far, the requirement of having a profile on PUE ZUS only concerned contribution payers who settled payments for more than 5 people. After the upcoming changes, this obligation will concern all entrepreneurs, including small business owners who hire up
to 5 employees
, as well as those who only pay contributions for themselves.

How do you create an account on PUE ZUS?

A contributions payer may create an account for themselves or fully authorize another person, ex. an accountant, or an employee of an accounting office.

Exact instructions on creating an account on the internet platform are available on this website: https://www.zus.pl/-/do-30-grudnia-2022-r.-ka%C5%BCdy-p%C5%82atnik-sk%C5%82adek-powinien-za%C5%82o%C5%BCy%C4%87-profil-na-pue-zus-1?redirect=%2F

We recommend creating these accounts as of today. This can be done through
a personal visit to any Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) office or online via the Trusted Profile account.

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