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VAT Compliance & Fiscal Representation

Foreign companies doing business in Poland must register here for VAT purposes. Failure to complete the VAT formalities or settle VAT properly creates a risk of liability and related costs.

We provide VAT settlement services for foreign taxpayers based elsewhere in the EU and outside the EU.

Our clients include:

  • Suppliers of goods in the territory of the given country
  • Exporters of goods to countries outside the EU
  • Importers of goods to the given country
  • Suppliers of goods to other EU countries
  • Acquirers of goods from other EU countries

Our strong suits:

  • EUR 1.3m in revenue from the sale of VAT Compliance and Fiscal Representation services
  • 132 clients using our VAT Compliance and Fiscal Representation services (2016)
  • >21 countries
  • In 95% of instances our services exceed clients’ expectations

Range of services:

We analyze the need to register for VAT purposes by examining the client’s business model, considering the flow of goods and services and the client’s planned invoicing scheme.

Taxpayers with their registered office outside the European Union are required to appoint a tax agent for settlement of VAT (in our jurisdictions, this applies to Poland, Hungary and Romania).

The tax agent is jointly and severally liable for VAT obligations along with the taxpayer.

We provide our fiscal representation service to enable firms from outside the EU to launch business (in Poland, Hungary or Romania) and comply with all obligations related to filing VAT declarations and representing the client before the tax authorities.

As part of our fiscal representation service, we perform the following duties:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT settlement
  • Maintaining VAT records
  • Storing VAT documentation
  • Representation in tax matters before the tax authorities
  • Contacts with the tax authorities.

We carry out all formalities connected with the process of VAT registration, from gathering all the required documents and preparing the relevant forms and statements to obtaining a VAT (NIP) number from the tax authorities. When necessary for customs clearance, we support our clients in the process of obtaining an EORI number via the electronic customs system.

To comply with statistical verification obligations, Intrastat reports must be filed with the competent authorities each month via the electronic customs system. We assist our clients in registering in the customs system for filing Intrastat declarations and meeting reporting requirements within the statutory deadlines.

When the client ceases doing business in Poland, we support companies in preparing the relevant documents required for deregistration.

We support our clients in ensuring full compliance with the regulations when carrying out their tax obligations. We focus on ongoing support and clarification of the applicable obligations and reporting in this area. We always propose practical solutions tailored to the client’s business model and the governing VAT regulations.

We provide support for the entire process:

  • Review of VAT documentation provided by the client
  • Making necessary corrections based on data provided by the client
  • Preparing the appropriate VAT registers according to local VAT regulations
  • Preparing and filing monthly VAT declarations and reports
  • Presentation of the final tax report together with scans of all documents transmitted in electronic form.

We meet the deadlines agreed with the client and comply with all requirements for preparing and filing reports.

Since January 2017, all businesses have been required to file monthly electronic reports on purchases and sales in the form of a standard audit file for tax (JPK_VAT) with the National Treasury Administration (other than micro enterprises, covered from January 2018).

We assist international companies in obtaining regular VAT refunds. We manage the entire procedure before the tax authorities.

We provide full support during all types of tax audits. We assist the client in preparing for the inspection, identifying areas of tax risk, representing the company before the tax authorities, preparing the required documentation and communicating with the tax authorities.

We assist foreign companies not registered for VAT purposes in the CEE region in collecting VAT subject to refund in accordance with the applicable regulations.


VAT Compliance

We provide full support for proper settlement of VAT in the CEE region

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