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Tax advisory

We provide clients the bases for taking decisions on management, finances, and taxes, supporting them in selecting the optimal option ensuring full implementation of the chosen solution.

We offer strategic advice, project management, and ongoing support in complying with the everyday financial and tax obligations of the enterprise.

Operating in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Romania, we offer a wide range of tax services for firms interested in investing in these markets.

State-of-the-art tax advisory services, an interdisciplinary approach, and support for a broad range of sectors and markets.

Our strong suits:

  • EUR 1.7m in tax advisory services revenue (2016)
  • 213 tax advisory clients (2017)
  • EUR 134m of total 25-day VAT refunds (2011-2016)
  • EUR 83m of total 60-day VAT refunds (2011-2016)

We offer:

The constantly changing legal environment in Poland can be challenging even for tax advisers. Serving hundreds of clients, we have gained impressive tax advisory experience. We offer tax support for capital expenditures and ongoing operations.

We provide full support in contacts with the tax authorities.

We represent clients before the head of the local tax office, the head of the customs and treasury office, and the director of the treasury administration chamber during verification activities, tax audits, customs and treasury proceedings, and tax proceedings, acting pursuant to powers of attorney issued by our clients.

We also represent clients before the province administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Through tax optimization, we pursue a number of measures designed to make tax obligations less burdensome. Together with our clients, we develop a model that meets the needs of the particular entity, helping optimize its tax obligations.

Standard audit file for tax

We provide services involving preparation, verification and filing of standard audit files for tax (JPK) in the appropriate form.

  • Preparing JPK_VAT files in xml format
  • Verification of the correctness of synthetic (data/technical) files
  • Verification of data completeness
  • Confirmation that all fields are completed
  • Confirming that data are entered in mandatory fields in the correct format
  • Verification of consistency between the JPK_VAT and the VAT declaration for the period
  • Transmission of JPK_VAT files to the tax office for the client

We also offer SAF-T training conducted by practitioners. In regular contact with officials of the Ministry of Finance, we are prepared to provide all essential information on the current status of SAF-T usage and future plans in this area.


From October 2017, entities belonging to capital groups with consolidated revenue exceeding EUR 750 million must file country-by-country reports (form CBC-P). Using the latest IT tools, we can prepare the appropriate form and transmit the relevant data to the Ministry of Finance.

When your firm operates in a group of affiliated entities, we seek to limit the tax risks of transactions between affiliates.

We offer advice on transfer pricing, including tax planning (developing transfer pricing policies and comparative analyses for the selected business model) as well as drawing up transfer pricing documentation in compliance with the Corporate Income Tax Act.

We examine all tax risks of investments in the CEE region, providing a complete picture of the situation before closing the transaction.

A service dedicated to the real estate sector. We provide support in the process of exiting investments in CEE countries, selecting the optimal tax solutions.

Under the regulations that entered into force on 1 January 2017, the taxpayer can first deduct costs incurred for research and development activity as revenue-earning costs. Then the taxpayer can take an additional deduction for qualified R&D costs up to a defined limit. With our assistance, taxpayers conducting R&D operations can write off an additional amount of up to 50% of eligible expenses from their tax basis (depending on the size of the company and the nature of the R&D expenses).

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Tax advisory services


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