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Winning and maintaining a competitive advantage and improving financial results requires owners and operators of stores and retail chains to be flexible and respond quickly to change.

Through many years of experience serving clients from the retail sector, our accountants, tax advisers and lawyers know the industry from the ground up, what is most important for retail clients and why.

Apart from our standard services, we offer dedicated solutions for the retail industry.

  • Quick and effective verification of documents generated in stores during retail sales against warehouse documentation
    Support for internal controllers in stores in managing the optimization process, with particular attention to control of cash flows between:
    • The store where the cash is located and funds in the safe waiting for shipment by guards or constituting part of the cash reserve
    • Guards delivering cash to the bank, and
    • The bank
  • Tax consulting
    Specialized tax advisers verify the correct completion of documents on refund, exchange, complaints and staff errors. We propose concrete solutions permissible in tax respects and limiting losses from improper securing of documentation for corrections reducing output VAT and income tax. We also offer tax compliance and tax planning services for franchisors and franchisees.
  • Clarification of doubts and reservations raised by the tax office
    We offer support in contacts with tax offices in clarifying all situations specific to retail locations, such as initial and renewed registration of cash registers. We assist in the case of unforeseen situations, such as a shortage of memory in cash registers, preparing requests for readings, and the need for proper utilization of cash registers.
  • Ongoing assistance and training for store employees – uninterrupted store operation
    We provide a helpdesk in situations of typical technical problems connected with errors or irregularities in processes of registering transactions. We can provide real-time advice, even as the customer waits at the cash register. We also conduct training and orientation for new store employees.

Anita Supel

Accounting Director

T: (+48) 22 262 81 51

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About KR Group

Anita Supel

Accounting Director

T: (+48) 22 262 81 51

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