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Payment administration

We provide support in the payment process not only for taxes and payroll but also for invoices, credit instalments and all other required fees, tailored closely to the client’s current needs.

We coordinate our activities with the client’s in-house accounting and HR/payroll functions, making payments immediately upon receipt of the client’s approval. We import and export data between banking and accounting systems, expediting payment and bookkeeping processes.

Our strong suits:

  • 13 years of cooperation with most banks in Poland and many foreign banks
  • Everyday support for 60 firms from a range of industries
  • Excellent knowledge of banking procedures, forms, and electronic payment systems
  • Full responsibility for consistency of data in transfers
  • Negotiation of foreign exchange rates

We offer:

  • Conducting the payment process for the client with ongoing monitoring of the status of payments – ensuring timeliness, correctness and security of transactions.
  • Negotiation of currency exchange rates – thanks to our close cooperation with banks and negotiated rates, we can offer more favourable currency exchange rates than those available online.
  • Opening and closing bank accounts, issuing and modifying access to online banking systems – we prepare all documents, requiring the client only to provide its signature, and to simplify the process of opening a bank account we offer access to our sub-account.
  • Opening accounts for foreigners – full procedure.
  • Obtaining all necessary statements, certificates and apostilles.

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