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Newsletter KR Group 03/2018

In this edition:

  • Innovation box.
    Innovation Box is a new initiative pursued by the Ministry of Business and Technology with the aim of boosting Polish entrepreneurship. Similar solutions have already been adopted by some of the nations associated under the aegis of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Creating a permanent establishment in Poland – Polish jurisprudence and BEPS 7.
    Considering the fact that tax laws often fail to keep pace with changing economies, OECD has pursued an initiative whose aim is to eliminate base erosion and profit shifting. As a result, a list of fifteen action points, commonly referred to as BEPS, has been drawn up.
  • New doubts concerning tax on commercial properties.
    On 1 January 2018 the Polish tax system was compounded by a new income tax structure, commonly referred to as the minimum tax on commercial properties or the shopping mall tax, pursuant to which the revenue on the ownership of tangible assets located on the territory of Poland is subject to taxation.
  • New registers of VAT payers made available by the Poland’s Ministry of Finance.
    On 13 January 2018 the Act of 24 November 2017 Amending Certain Acts to Combat the Use of the Financial Sector to Commit Treasury Fraud became effective. The Act, also known as the STIR (the Computer System of the Clearing House) Act amended the statutes on VAT among others.


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