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Newsletter KR Group 01/2018

In this edition:

  • CIT-TP.
    Taxpayers whose revenue or costs have exceeded the equivalent of EUR10m will be obliged to submit a simplified statement of transactions with related entities (CIT-TP) along with the CIT-8 tax return.
  • Authorities to properly prove the abuse of the right to input tax.
    On 18 December 2017 the Supreme Administrative Court passed an important judgement which revoked the first instance ruling that was favorable to the tax authorities.
  • Payments under rent guarantee and the issue of VAT.
    On 29 December 2017 the Head of the National Revenue Information issued an individual ruling on payments made under a guarantee for a property owner to generate a predetermined amount of operating income. In the ruling the authority deemed such transactions not to be subject to VAT.
  • New developments on support for new investments.
    Another amended draft bill on supporting new investments, supplemented with draft implementing regulations confirms the general direction in which the changes pursued by the Ministry of Finance and Economy are going. Despite a considerable delay in legislative works, the “package” of changes which the Ministry prepared for 2018 will feature an additional vehicle which can become a meaningful form of support for entrepreneurs and an incentive to carry out investment activities.



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