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HR and payroll

Planning to do business in Central & Eastern Europe? Or perhaps you’re already operating a firm and seeking fast, effective, and reliable HR and payroll support for your staff? Rely on the services of our experienced team!

We provide comprehensive services involving calculation of payroll at the local and international level, with an eye to optimizing tax obligations. We assist in drafting contracts, calculating salaries, preparing tax and social insurance declarations, maintaining personnel files, and settling records of working time. We support our clients’ staff in correctly settling their annual personal income taxes.

We serve companies registered in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Romania, as well as firms delegating staff to and from these countries, corporate clients across all industries, and temporary employment agencies. We have a wealth of experience settling tax and social insurance payments of foreign companies hiring staff in Poland without creating a branch or representative office here.

Our strong suits:

  • We don’t blindly trust the calculations generated by payroll systems—our hallmark is verification of the numbers, which is why all social insurance inspections of our clients have ended successfully.
  • Experience serving foreign companies hiring staff in Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Romania (both in situations where social insurance premiums are paid by the company and when the employee assumes the obligations of the remitter of premiums).
  • Preparation of particularly complex calculations – pay comprising multiple elements (even as many as 20 variables).
  • Analysis of the tax situation and tax settlements of foreign staff from foreign companies.
  • Creation of reports and payroll lists of all sorts for the clients’ needs (e.g. the validity of periodic occupational health and safety examinations and training, education, age, employment status, average headcount, employment costs, breakdown of payment of specific salary elements for the given period).
  • Flexible approach to HR and payroll systems – supported by our own IT system or the client’s system.
  • Rapid response to client inquiries, accurately and on-time.
  • We take on projects connected with HR, payroll and tax audits.

We offer:

  • Maintaining records of employees’ personal data.
  • Maintaining and updating personnel files of staff based on documents provided by the client.
  • Maintaining employment documentation, including preparing HR documents for new hires and departing employees (based on the client’s forms), employment contracts, termination notices and settlements, employment certificates.
  • Preparing civil contracts (based on the client’s forms).
  • Drafting forms for HR documents, e.g. contracts tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Records of employment medical examinations and occupational health and safety training.
  • Maintaining records of absences—holidays, medical leave, other absences.
  • Exchange of information/documentation with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) via the electronic services platform (applications, medical leave certificates) and the ZUS remitter system (transmission of documentation to ZUS concerning registration, changes and deregistration of staff and contractors).
  • Representing clients in labour inspections and compliance with post-inspection orders.
  • Archiving employment documentation of former employees.
  • Preparation of documents and certificates for employees.
  • Register of contracts.
  • Preparing agreed HR reports.
  • Statistical office reporting.
  • Providing the client’s employees access to the online system for:
    • Verification of currency of data.
    • Filing online leave requests.
    • Collecting electronic pay slips
  • Monthly payroll calculations in full compliance with legal regulations and the client’s internal rules.
  • Preparing documentation and settlements for social insurance, the tax office, and the disability rehabilitation fund.
  • Preparing files for transfers.
  • Preparing electronic payslips (additional fee for paper payslips).
  • Settlement of wages garnished by the bailiff.
  • Preparing salary statements.
  • Settlement of working time (overtime) and absences.
  • Preparing annual personal income tax and payment declarations: PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-4R, PIT-8R, PIT-8C.
  • Preparing pay reports according to forms agreed with the client.
  • Establishing the amounts of severance, compensation and equivalents.
  • Calculating amounts due management board members.
  • Preparing transfers of salary to staff bank accounts, tax accounts, and creditors (bailiffs).
  • Representing clients during social insurance audits etc. and support in complying with post-audit orders.
  • Exchange of information/documentation with the Social Insurance Institution via the electronic services platform (applications) and the remitter system (declarations).
  • Annual IMIR reports (formerly RMUA).

And moreover:

  • Support during inspections/audits.
  • HR/payroll audits.
  • Statistical reporting.
  • Workplace benefit fund settlements.
  • Advice on Labour Code, personal income tax and social insurance regulations.
  • Analysis of worktime schedules.

Joanna Michałek

VAT Manager

T: (+48) 22 262 81 40

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About KR Group

Joanna Michałek

VAT Manager

T: (+48) 22 262 81 40

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