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Customs services

The smooth flow of goods across customs borders of states requires an excellent knowledge of the specifics and legal regulations as well as specialists who are experienced in those areas.

We work in cooperation with a customs agency that has an extensive customs network located throughout Europe. This, in turn, enables us to help execute and streamline even the most complicated customs procedures, regardless of the size of your company.

We offer customs services in cooperation with a leading provider of customs solutions in Europe. Our partner offers solutions tailored to the profile and needs of both large and small customers and has 60 of its own offices in 12 European countries, as well as an international network of partners in over 200 countries.

Scope of services:

An import declaration must be completed when goods are transported from one non-EU country to another, or from a non-EU country to an EU country, or vice versa.

Usually, the declaration is completed electronically and transferred to the relevant customs office, where it is verified together with the accompanying documents.

The regulations governing the control of imports, as well as the required permits, certificates of origin and the like, are also checked before commencing importation. An import SAD document is created, tax/customs duties are paid if required, and the goods are admitted into trade.

Scope of services:

  • Support in completing import declarations in regular and simplified procedures
  • Support during inspections
  • Support in preparing documents
  • Payment of VAT/customs duties for the client
  • Support in the event of inquiries or notifications from the customs authorities
  • Ensuring required customs guarantees
  • Archiving of documents

The export declaration is to do with the shipment of goods from EU countries to outside of the EU.

Usually, the declaration is transferred electronically to the relevant customs office. The customs office checks the declaration and accompanying documents, and also conducts a random inspection of the goods being shipped.

The regulations governing export controls, the required licenses, etc., are checked before the goods are exported. The goods are released and a confirmation of export is generated for tax purposes.

Scope of services:

  • Completion of export declarations in the regular procedure
  • Completion of export declarations in the simplified procedure
  • Support in the event of customs inspection
  • Assistance in the correct preparation of documentation
  • Delivery of the confirmation of export
  • Support in the event of inquiries or notifications from the customs authorities
  • Support in obtaining confirmations of completion of export
  • Archiving of documentation

Thanks to the transit procedure, the flow of goods between EU states and non-EU states may be simplified through the avoidance of halts at every border crossing.

Transit is a customs procedure that allows for the flow of goods between two places in the EU with suspension of payments of customs and tax duties until the moment of final clearance in the country of destination. Moreover, goods may be shipped between two EU countries via a third country.

Scope of services:

  • Completion of transit declaration in NCTS (internal and external transit procedure with documents T1/T2)
  • Completion of transit declaration by TIR Carnet
  • Support during customs inspections
  • Ensuring customs guarantees
  • Support in preparing documents
  • Support in the event of customs inquiries or notifications
  • Support in the case of unclosed transit documents
  • Use of customs procedures—authorized recipient/authorized shipper

The scope of our customs services includes:

  • Organization of approved locations at the client’s premises
  • Inward an outward processing
  • Organizing customs warehouse


VAT Compliance

We provide full support for proper settlement of VAT in the CEE region.

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