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Corporate services

Are you expecting a change in your management board or shareholders? Would you like to adjust your financial year or lower your share capital, or does your company need additional capitalization?

There is no need to seek out specialized law firms. The team of specialists from our corporate services department provides comprehensive support for companies operating in Poland, across all aspects of their corporate needs.

We assist at every stage, from entering the Polish market in the optimal form (e.g. by opening a company, special-purpose vehicle, or branch of a foreign company), to help in ensuring that the company’s ongoing operations comply with the law and internal corporate governance rules. We also assist in closing down operations in Poland through liquidation or sale of the company.

We have a wealth of experience:

  • Ensuring consistent corporate support for numerous entities within a single capital group.
  • Conducting comprehensive liquidation of numerous entities in a capital group in connection with winding down the activity of funds on the Polish market.

Close cooperation between our corporate and tax departments ensures that the proposed solutions are optimal in both legal and tax respects.

We offer:

  • We provide essential and exhaustive information on obligations imposed on companies and their authorities (particularly management board members) under the applicable legal regulations.
  • We support clients in the process of making corporate changes, such as replacing management board members or amending the company’s articles of association.
  • We assist in complying with formal requirements for closing out the company’s financial year, such as shareholder approval of the financial report and filing of the financial report with the tax office and the registry court.
  • We obtain statements and certificates issued by public authorities and courts, e.g. statements on tax arrears and statements confirming that the entity is not listed in the Register of Insolvent Debtors.
  • In cooperation with our tax advisers, we develop the most effective financial structures for the client.

Under the applicable regulations, every Polish company must have a management board and at least one of the members must be present in Poland to carry out formalities for the company.

We offer assistance in appointing a nominee director—a highly qualified person with extensive corporate experience.

In carrying out his functions, the nominee director does not influence the company’s strategic decisions, but only serves as a representative. The nominee director’s scope of authority can be precisely defined by the client; for example, he may be authorized to sign only selected documents or make payments only up to set limits.

This service ensures owners of firms complete discretion while maintaining full control over the company’s affairs.

  • We support foreign companies in establishing branches and representative offices in Poland, particularly at the stage of contacts with the relevant administrative offices and courts (e.g. the National Court Register, statistical office and tax office).
  • We establish new companies from the ground up and also sell shares in existing shelf companies ready to begin operations immediately.
  • We prepare corporate documents needed for the process of liquidation of companies, such as shareholder resolutions and liquidators’ reports.
  • Pursuant to proxies issued to us, we can appear for shareholders during shareholders’ meetings.
  • We prepare and file with the relevant offices all applications necessary for the process of liquidation of companies.
  • We prepare proposals for solutions tailored to the client’s situation, ensuring quick and efficient corporate mergers and acquisitions.
  • We prepare corporate and financial documents required for the M&A process.
  • When needed, we provide support in negotiations over corporate acquisitions.

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