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Bad debts relief (on the side of the debtor)

A preference has been introduced for debtors, allowing them not to show unpaid liabilities after 90 days when calculating corporate income tax advances.

The preference is possible if the following conditions are jointly met:

  • negative economic consequences were incurred due to COVID-19;
  • there was a decrease of at least 50% in monthly revenues compared to the same month of the previous year (in the case of a taxpayer who started operating in 2019. – in relation to the average revenues generated in that year)

The last condition does not apply to taxpayers who:

  • applied in 2019 a form of taxation for which no revenue is determined;
  • started conducting business activity in the last quarter of 2019 and did not obtain any revenues in this period;
  • started conducting business activity in 2020.

The entitlement of creditors to bad debt relief remains unchanged.

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