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Special Economic Zones

The opportunity for a boost in competitiveness of goods and services thanks to tax exemptions and other relief offered by Poland’s Special Economic Zones is a strong incentive for enterprises to launch operations in SEZs.

With our years of experience providing accounting and tax support to entities operating in SEZs, we can fully meet their needs and effectively assist companies planning to invest in SEZs.

Apart from our standard services, we offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Calculating corporate income tax with a breakdown into SEZ and non-SEZ operations – advising on classification of operations and offering tax optimization.
  • Support in calculation of real estate tax, including cases where the client holds a partial exemption from real estate tax.
  • Drafting reports for SEZ administrators and providing support during audits.
  • Ongoing analysis of the regulations in terms of potential risks and new opportunities arising from presence in an SEZ.

Anita Supel

Accounting Director

T: (+48) 22 262 81 51

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About KR Group

Anita Supel

Accounting Director

T: (+48) 22 262 81 51

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